Ripe and Rotten SHUNT Lounge



  Martina has been working with students from Battersea Arts Centre Youth Theatre creating a number of installation elements for their three day lounge event at SHUNT / London Bridge vaults in November 2007

"RIPE AND ROTTEN SHUNT LOUNGE WEEK is the culmination of a BAC YPT3 project. Over the past 2 months, BAC YPT3 have collaborated with Shunt and other leading artists and arts professionals to produce, perform, design and market their own multi-art-form SHUNT LOUNGE event. Each evening includes pieces of work devised and designed by BAC YPT3 under the direction of Hannah Ringham, Martina Von Holn, Melanie Wilson, Mischa Twitchin and Silvia Mercuriali"

link to ripe and rotten myspace

link to YPT Battersea Arts Centre